What Is The Ron Paul Curriculum’s USP?

Business Essay #21

For this assignment I was told to identify two possible USPs for the Ron Paul Curriculum and defend my choices. But first, what is an USP? USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition.” It is basically what makes your product or service different and better than your competitors. A USP is not just about your product, it is about the price, guarantees, and everything to do with the sell. A USP is the heart of the deal that you are presenting to potential customers. Besides making you stand out to prospective buyers, the USP does one other important job, it screens out all the people who aren’t interested in your product. This saves you time and money because a good headline that clearly states the USP it will keep you from having to deal with people who don’t want to buy your product anyway.

Possible USP One: The Ron Paul Curriculum Supports the Freedom Philosophy.

This is a very good USP. The Freedom Philosophy is the idea that there should be a small government that has only a few limited jobs, and that the people should hold the real power. This is a good USP because it is very central to why the Ron Paul Curriculum was created. It is endorsed by the former Republican politician Ron Paul and was created by Gary North as a way to provide homeschooled kids with a good education while reinforcing the Freedom Philosophy. It also does a great job of screening people out who don’t agree in the Freedom Philosophy. If a parent doesn’t believe in the freedom Philosophy then they won’t even waste their time reading past the headline of the ad.

Possible USP Two: You Don’t Have To Buy Any Textbooks.

This is also a good USP. It catches the attention of parents who would like to cut a cost from their budget. You don’t have to buy textbooks because the curriculum is based on video lectures. Whatever reading material that is needed is provided in the form of PDFs. Not having to buy books is a major advantage, because you have to buy textbooks in just about every other curriculum out there. This uniqueness helps the Ron Paul Curriculum stand out in the mind of the customer.

The USP is a very important part of an ad, and a critical part of the business. It is important to get your USP across in every ad and know what it is for your business.



Russia’s Colony

Alaska History Essay #2

The first people to discover Alaska were the Russians. They discovered Alaska in 1741. From there they made outposts and explored this new land that they called Russian America.

The Russian’s main interest in Alaska was it’s natural resorses. The one resource that  they were most interested in was furs. Many Russian traders came to Alaska in search of furs that they could sell. Sea Otter was perhaps the most valuable of all the furs found in Alaska. There were several companies that were started to fund trips to Alaska in order to make a profit on the furs that were brought back. But in 1799 the Russian government established the Russian American Company and gave it a monopoly on the furs in Alaska. The manager of the Russian American Company was posted in Alaska and was also the acting governor of the land. The first manager of the Russian American Company was Alessandr Baranov.

Eventually other countries started to explore Alaska as well. Several European countries Challenged Russia’s clam on Alaska from 1774 to the time when Russia sold Alaska to the United States of America in 1867. Russia’s most troublesome competitors for Alaska were Spain and England. There was some fighting over Alaska in this time period. Spain eventually lost interest in Alaska and backed down in 1792.

That left the English as the main threat to Russia’s hold on Alaska. Russia was able to hold on to Alaska for some time, but since England was navaly superior to Russia it was a big problem. Eventually the Russian government decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble to keep holding on to Alaska. So they sold it the America in 1867.


An Ad To Presuade A Fellow Student To Try The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #20

Why are you doing school? What is the reason that high school even exists? If you think about it high school is all about preparing you for the next thing, whether that be the real world and a job, or going to college. High School should actively help you toward achieving success in the job place and in college. School should also reinforce  what you believe so that you can stay strong in face of opposition.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an excellent way to get prepared for your life and it supports the Freedom Pholosophy, which is the idea that government should be limited, and the people should be free. This online curriculum provides you with many skills that will be useful later in your life. The number one thing is self discipline and the ability to teach yourself. The Ron Paul Curriculum is self taught (which is nice for your parents), you read and use video lectures to learn. You also learn the invaluable skill of writing. Whether you go to college or get a job writing will most likely be a big part of what you do. In college there will be essays to write, and in many, many jobs you have plenty of paperwork and reports to deal with. With the Ron Paul Curriculum you get plenty of practice writing, which can give you an edge later on.

SO What Does The Ron Paul Curriculum Do To Prepair Me For College?

The Ron Paul Curriculum prevides students with quick “CLEP Cram Courses” so you can study up for, and take CLEP exams. Using CELP exams you can test out of your first two years of college without stepping a foot on campus! These CLEP exams are tests that give you college credits that almost every college excepts. By using these CLEP exams, you can show that you don’t need to go through the first two years of college which is mostly relearning stuff from High School anyway! This can save you a ton of time and money.

What If I Don’t Want To Go To College?

For those that don’t want to go to college, the Ron Paul Curriculum highly recommends starting a business. And they have two courses on business to help you do that! They also have a personal finance course which goes together with their business classes. I am currently takeing the Business 1 course and it is one of my favorite classes. I love it because it is so practical.

So if you are interested in this Curriculum you should check it out Here.

Thompson’s Reaction To Losing His Children

English Essay #21



John Thompson was a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery by white men. He was torn from his family and his freedom and forced to live as a slave. Thompson had something in common with another slave he knew who names was Elisa in that they had both been separated from their children by slavery. Elisa’s children were taken from her and sold to a man who lived far away. Thompson and Elisa had both been through a lot losing their children, but they reacted very differently to their situations. Elisa was crippled with grief, she never really worked as hard again and stayed in despair. Thompson on the other hand missed his kids and he was determined to get back to them.


One reason that Thompson’s reaction was so different from Elisa’s was that he was the one taken forced into slavery very suddenly and he was so busy thinking about his situation for the first few weeks that his grief was secondary. He was focused on escaping that he didn’t think about the possibility of not seeing his family again.


Another important reason is that he knew that his children were safe. He was the one in danger, but he didn’t have to worry about his kid’s safety. That was very different form Elisa’s situation. Elisa’s didn’t know whether her kids would be alive in a few months!


Thompson’s mindset was that of a free man. He didn’t believe that it was “just the way it is” that he was in slavery. He was sure he had been wronged and that gave him the determination to keep up hope of escape. Elisa was used to being a slave. She wasn’t hopeful that her situation would get any better, so she fell into despair.


I think that the biggest reason that Thompson had a different reaction than Elisa is that he really had hope that he would see his children again. He never let himself think that he would never see his family again.


10 Benefits of Using The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #19



  1. You Get Good at Writing. There are weekly reports for most of the courses in the Ron Paul Curriculum so you get good at writing essays because you write so many of them. I have certainly got a lot of practice at writing through this curriculum.

  2. You Learn How To Set Up A Blog. The Ron Paul Curriculum walked me through setting up a blog for school. This is a useful thing to be able to do because you might want a blog of your own some day.

  3. You Learn How To Teach Yourself. Grades 4 and up are completely self taught. You watch a video and do reading assignments. This is good because it teaches you how to learn on your own.

  4. The Ron Paul Curriculum Has The ABC Course. The Academic Boot Camp is a great course on learning. It is full of tips on how to study, take tests, and learn how to read quicker. I know that there are several study tips that have helped me in school through the year.

  5. There are Personal Finance and Business classes through High School. I love the business class because it is about real life, not just numbers or rules.

  6. The High School English Classes Involve lots of reading. You get different books assigned to you and you read them then, watch videos and write reports. It is a simple but great way to do English!

  7. Most Of the Ron Paul Curriculum High School Teachers Are Collage Professors or Have PhD. That is always a plus as long as you can understand them, which I can.

  8. The Cost Comes Down To About $1.37 per day. That is really not all that much!

  9. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t like it you don’t lose any money!

  10. It Supports The Freedom Philosophy. This home school curriculum defends limited government.