An Ad To Presuade A Fellow Student To Try The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #20

Why are you doing school? What is the reason that high school even exists? If you think about it high school is all about preparing you for the next thing, whether that be the real world and a job, or going to college. High School should actively help you toward achieving success in the job place and in college. School should also reinforce  what you believe so that you can stay strong in face of opposition.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an excellent way to get prepared for your life and it supports the Freedom Pholosophy, which is the idea that government should be limited, and the people should be free. This online curriculum provides you with many skills that will be useful later in your life. The number one thing is self discipline and the ability to teach yourself. The Ron Paul Curriculum is self taught (which is nice for your parents), you read and use video lectures to learn. You also learn the invaluable skill of writing. Whether you go to college or get a job writing will most likely be a big part of what you do. In college there will be essays to write, and in many, many jobs you have plenty of paperwork and reports to deal with. With the Ron Paul Curriculum you get plenty of practice writing, which can give you an edge later on.

SO What Does The Ron Paul Curriculum Do To Prepair Me For College?

The Ron Paul Curriculum prevides students with quick “CLEP Cram Courses” so you can study up for, and take CLEP exams. Using CELP exams you can test out of your first two years of college without stepping a foot on campus! These CLEP exams are tests that give you college credits that almost every college excepts. By using these CLEP exams, you can show that you don’t need to go through the first two years of college which is mostly relearning stuff from High School anyway! This can save you a ton of time and money.

What If I Don’t Want To Go To College?

For those that don’t want to go to college, the Ron Paul Curriculum highly recommends starting a business. And they have two courses on business to help you do that! They also have a personal finance course which goes together with their business classes. I am currently takeing the Business 1 course and it is one of my favorite classes. I love it because it is so practical.

So if you are interested in this Curriculum you should check it out Here.


10 Benefits of Using The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #19



  1. You Get Good at Writing. There are weekly reports for most of the courses in the Ron Paul Curriculum so you get good at writing essays because you write so many of them. I have certainly got a lot of practice at writing through this curriculum.

  2. You Learn How To Set Up A Blog. The Ron Paul Curriculum walked me through setting up a blog for school. This is a useful thing to be able to do because you might want a blog of your own some day.

  3. You Learn How To Teach Yourself. Grades 4 and up are completely self taught. You watch a video and do reading assignments. This is good because it teaches you how to learn on your own.

  4. The Ron Paul Curriculum Has The ABC Course. The Academic Boot Camp is a great course on learning. It is full of tips on how to study, take tests, and learn how to read quicker. I know that there are several study tips that have helped me in school through the year.

  5. There are Personal Finance and Business classes through High School. I love the business class because it is about real life, not just numbers or rules.

  6. The High School English Classes Involve lots of reading. You get different books assigned to you and you read them then, watch videos and write reports. It is a simple but great way to do English!

  7. Most Of the Ron Paul Curriculum High School Teachers Are Collage Professors or Have PhD. That is always a plus as long as you can understand them, which I can.

  8. The Cost Comes Down To About $1.37 per day. That is really not all that much!

  9. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t like it you don’t lose any money!

  10. It Supports The Freedom Philosophy. This home school curriculum defends limited government.


Ron Paul Curriculum Benefits For Students

Business Essay #18

  1. You learn how to make a blog. You need a blog for this course, and it shows you how to make one. This is an interesting skill that you could use if you ever want to make a blog on a subject you are interested in.
  2. The courses (especially business) teaches you to think ahead. The Ron Paul Curriculum teaches you life skills as well as just school. In business class instructor Gary North  does his best to teach his student’s be future oriented people.
  3. A lot of the lectures end with conclusions, which help students to remember what was important.
  4. It is really portable (much more than a textbook based curriculum). All you need for this curriculum is a computer and maybe a notebook.
  5. It is easy to plan for this curriculum, all the subjects are around an hour. Even though some are shorter they all are pretty consistent in how long they take.

What Lifestyle Do I Want In 20 Years?

Business Essay #15

That is a hard question for anyone to answer. It is hard to see myself so far into the future, but it is good to think about things like this.

I would prefer to not live in a city, though it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I did. I would like to live on a piece of land, about five acres, that I own. I would like to have a lot more money than it looks like I have. So I want to be well off, but have a low cost of living. The size of my house would depend on my family, but I would like to keep it small.

I think a business would be a good idea for the lifestyle I want, because it would give me freedom to choose my hours, and I  could be flexible, building my work around my life, instead of my life around my work. While a business and flexible hours would be nice, I might have a completely different type of job. It is really hard to say what I will want when I get there, and what will work best for my situation.

I really want to keep fitness a part of my life as I grow older. I want a way to lift weights regularly, whether in my house or at a gym.

So that is the basic idea for how I want my house, body, and job to look. These are all very important to your overall lifestyle.

What Would Be The Ideal Apprenticeship?

Business Essay #14

An apprenticeship is working for someone for the purpose of learning a trade, or gaining business skills. Becoming an apprentice is a very good way  to gain experience in business, but what is the ideal apprenticeship?

You should be apprenticed to a locally owned business. It should be providing a good income to it’s owner. The business should be small enough that you are able to observe how it works and learn how the owner runs it.

The type of business you are apprenticed to depends on what you want to learn. If you just want general business experience you probably shouldn’t work in the kitchen of a restaurant, but if you want to own a restaurant then that might be a good idea. If experience is all that you want then you should work at a place where there doesn’t need to be a lot of employees to run it and you can take on more responsibility. Places like a small coffee shop or book store are good examples. Really any business will work if the owner is willing to take you under his wing and teach you.

Another great type of business , that is good to be apprenticed to, is a business that specializes in management. Businesses that are like this include catering companies, and wedding planners.

At the end of the day any apprenticeship that will teach you what you want to learn is the ideal apprenticeship. So before you go looking for apprenticeship opportunities, make sure that you know what you need to learn.

Which Chapter In How To Win Friends And Influence People Should I Practice?

Business Essay #13

Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends And Influence People is packed with advice on how to deal with people. It is a great book for business, leadership, and relationships. Each of it’s thirty chapters has a useful tip or technique for you to practice. All of those chapters are useful and have good advice, but which chapter should I focus on right now?

There are certainly many tips that I could use some improvement on, some of them include; admitting when I am wrong quickly, remembering other peoples names, and never saying “you are wrong”. These are all things that I definitely  need to improve but what I need to work on the most in the first chapter of part three. The tips says “The only way to win an argument is to avoid it.” Even if you win an argument, you will not likely convince the other person that you are right, because arguing puts people on the defensive and closes their minds to the possibility that they are wrong. This is a tough one for me because It is so natural for me to argue. It is very easy to get caught up in an argument, even if it isn’t my argument!

In order to work on arguing I will use the old trick, whenever I feel like getting into an argument, I will count to ten. After that I will think about what I would gain from an argument. There are very few situations were arguments actually benefit anyone, so if I am able to stop and think, then I will dramatically improve in this area.

Avoiding arguments also ties into another part of the book that I have trouble with. I am quick to criticize and critique others. So next time I feel like correcting someone I will do my best to stop and think about whether or not I really need to. And if I do I will try to do it in a less direct way.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great book with a ton of good advice.



When Will I Sell My Business?

Business Essay #9

If I started a business and it was successful I would prefer not to sell it. I would rather become successful enough at that business that I could hire a manager so that I would not have to work on it all the time. I would still be involved with the business, but this would give me extra time to do other things such as start another business.

If I was to sell a business I would want it to be successful and I would want to make a profit. I would make sure that there is no debt on any business I sell. If I start a successful business I would not sell it until it had done at least a million dollars in sales since it was started. I would also like it to be doing 500,000 dollars in sales a year.

I would only sell a successful business if I was given an offer that I believed was ridiculously high, or I wanted to do something else. After selling my business I could start a new business, move, or get a job in a field that interests me.