Governing Alaska

Alaska History Essay #4

America bought Alaska from Russia in 1867. After the sale though, the government paid little attention to Alaska, it was put on the backburner in the aftermath of the Civil War and other more pressing matters. So for the first seventeen years after the sale, Alaska had no laws or government, the only thing that brought any resemblance of government to Alaska was the Military.

In 1884 the population of Alaska had begun to grow and Congress passed the First Organic Act as a way to provide a government other than the U.S. Military presence. The new law provided Alaska with a bare bones government. It gave Alaska a district court, a governor, and perhaps most importantly an U.S. Marshal. The First Organic Act also stated that Alaska would follow the laws that Oregon operated under.

Between 1890 and 1900 the population of Alaska doubled. This increase in population put pressure on the government to allow the 63,592 people of Alaska some representation in government. In 1906 Alaska was allowed one non-voting member of the House of Representatives.

WWII was a very important time in the development of Alaska. It brought more military and more people to the state. It also forced the government to build roads and be more involved with Alaska.

Finally in 1058 Alaska was granted Statehood after being a territory of America for almost a hundred years.



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