Is It Important For The Author Of An Autobiography To Summarize His Philosophy Of Life In An Early Chapter?

English Essay #24

This is an interesting question. I don’t think that there is a simple yes or no answer. It depends very much on who is writing it and what they want to get across to the reader. How the autobiography is structured is also important.

There are many reasons that people write an autobiography and why it is written will likely effect whether or not the author should include a summary of his philosophy or beliefs. For example there are many autobiographies by people who were slaves before the Civil War. One major reason that they wrote their stories down was to show how evil the slave system was. But the authors of theses books didn’t need to include their philosophy because it was obvious that a slave would be against slavery. Usually though, if you are writing an autobiography to convince people of something you should tell them early what you believe. Most autobiographies need an explanation of some part of the author’s beliefs.

You don’t need to summarize your whole philosophy on life in your book though. That would no doubt be a boring read. Every writer should just include what is relevant to their narrative. A list of a ton of random beliefs and opinions would be both boring and might get annoying  to the reader. If you are writing an autobiography to show how hard work pays off you should mention you believe that early, and who or what taught you that. But you don’t need to much more than that.

Some autobiographies are about how someone’s worldview was changed. In this case the author should provide a brief summery of his original beliefs and he should also give examples of his philosophy in action. Then he can tell his story of change.

Most Autobiographies need some part of the author’s philosophy made clear. The important thing is putting in what is applicable and not including useless information.


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