What Is The Ron Paul Curriculum’s USP?

Business Essay #21

For this assignment I was told to identify two possible USPs for the Ron Paul Curriculum and defend my choices. But first, what is an USP? USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition.” It is basically what makes your product or service different and better than your competitors. A USP is not just about your product, it is about the price, guarantees, and everything to do with the sell. A USP is the heart of the deal that you are presenting to potential customers. Besides making you stand out to prospective buyers, the USP does one other important job, it screens out all the people who aren’t interested in your product. This saves you time and money because a good headline that clearly states the USP it will keep you from having to deal with people who don’t want to buy your product anyway.

Possible USP One: The Ron Paul Curriculum Supports the Freedom Philosophy.

This is a very good USP. The Freedom Philosophy is the idea that there should be a small government that has only a few limited jobs, and that the people should hold the real power. This is a good USP because it is very central to why the Ron Paul Curriculum was created. It is endorsed by the former Republican politician Ron Paul and was created by Gary North as a way to provide homeschooled kids with a good education while reinforcing the Freedom Philosophy. It also does a great job of screening people out who don’t agree in the Freedom Philosophy. If a parent doesn’t believe in the freedom Philosophy then they won’t even waste their time reading past the headline of the ad.

Possible USP Two: You Don’t Have To Buy Any Textbooks.

This is also a good USP. It catches the attention of parents who would like to cut a cost from their budget. You don’t have to buy textbooks because the curriculum is based on video lectures. Whatever reading material that is needed is provided in the form of PDFs. Not having to buy books is a major advantage, because you have to buy textbooks in just about every other curriculum out there. This uniqueness helps the Ron Paul Curriculum stand out in the mind of the customer.

The USP is a very important part of an ad, and a critical part of the business. It is important to get your USP across in every ad and know what it is for your business.



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