An Ad To Presuade A Fellow Student To Try The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #20

Why are you doing school? What is the reason that high school even exists? If you think about it high school is all about preparing you for the next thing, whether that be the real world and a job, or going to college. High School should actively help you toward achieving success in the job place and in college. School should also reinforce  what you believe so that you can stay strong in face of opposition.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an excellent way to get prepared for your life and it supports the Freedom Pholosophy, which is the idea that government should be limited, and the people should be free. This online curriculum provides you with many skills that will be useful later in your life. The number one thing is self discipline and the ability to teach yourself. The Ron Paul Curriculum is self taught (which is nice for your parents), you read and use video lectures to learn. You also learn the invaluable skill of writing. Whether you go to college or get a job writing will most likely be a big part of what you do. In college there will be essays to write, and in many, many jobs you have plenty of paperwork and reports to deal with. With the Ron Paul Curriculum you get plenty of practice writing, which can give you an edge later on.

SO What Does The Ron Paul Curriculum Do To Prepair Me For College?

The Ron Paul Curriculum prevides students with quick “CLEP Cram Courses” so you can study up for, and take CLEP exams. Using CELP exams you can test out of your first two years of college without stepping a foot on campus! These CLEP exams are tests that give you college credits that almost every college excepts. By using these CLEP exams, you can show that you don’t need to go through the first two years of college which is mostly relearning stuff from High School anyway! This can save you a ton of time and money.

What If I Don’t Want To Go To College?

For those that don’t want to go to college, the Ron Paul Curriculum highly recommends starting a business. And they have two courses on business to help you do that! They also have a personal finance course which goes together with their business classes. I am currently takeing the Business 1 course and it is one of my favorite classes. I love it because it is so practical.

So if you are interested in this Curriculum you should check it out Here.


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