10 Benefits of Using The Ron Paul Curriculum

Business Essay #19



  1. You Get Good at Writing. There are weekly reports for most of the courses in the Ron Paul Curriculum so you get good at writing essays because you write so many of them. I have certainly got a lot of practice at writing through this curriculum.

  2. You Learn How To Set Up A Blog. The Ron Paul Curriculum walked me through setting up a blog for school. This is a useful thing to be able to do because you might want a blog of your own some day.

  3. You Learn How To Teach Yourself. Grades 4 and up are completely self taught. You watch a video and do reading assignments. This is good because it teaches you how to learn on your own.

  4. The Ron Paul Curriculum Has The ABC Course. The Academic Boot Camp is a great course on learning. It is full of tips on how to study, take tests, and learn how to read quicker. I know that there are several study tips that have helped me in school through the year.

  5. There are Personal Finance and Business classes through High School. I love the business class because it is about real life, not just numbers or rules.

  6. The High School English Classes Involve lots of reading. You get different books assigned to you and you read them then, watch videos and write reports. It is a simple but great way to do English!

  7. Most Of the Ron Paul Curriculum High School Teachers Are Collage Professors or Have PhD. That is always a plus as long as you can understand them, which I can.

  8. The Cost Comes Down To About $1.37 per day. That is really not all that much!

  9. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So if you don’t like it you don’t lose any money!

  10. It Supports The Freedom Philosophy. This home school curriculum defends limited government.



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