Ron Paul Curriculum Benefits For Students

Business Essay #18

  1. You learn how to make a blog. You need a blog for this course, and it shows you how to make one. This is an interesting skill that you could use if you ever want to make a blog on a subject you are interested in.
  2. The courses (especially business) teaches you to think ahead. The Ron Paul Curriculum teaches you life skills as well as just school. In business class instructor Gary North  does his best to teach his student’s be future oriented people.
  3. A lot of the lectures end with conclusions, which help students to remember what was important.
  4. It is really portable (much more than a textbook based curriculum). All you need for this curriculum is a computer and maybe a notebook.
  5. It is easy to plan for this curriculum, all the subjects are around an hour. Even though some are shorter they all are pretty consistent in how long they take.

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