If I Wrote an Autobiography What Would Do Differently From Darwin?

English Essay #18

Charles Darwin was perhaps the most important figure in the last few centuries. He totally reshaped how the whole world thought in a vary short time with his book The Origin Of Species. He also wrote an autobiography, it was ok, but it was kind of dry and not vary engaging. The only interesting thing about it was that it was written by Charles Darwin. So if I was to write an autobiography, what would I do differently?

First of all Darwin wasn’t very engaging with his readers. He didn’t tell you much about his personal life and he didn’t make you care what happened to him. He also told very few stories. That is probably the number one thing that I would change. I would tell more stories to keep the reader interested and give him or her a better glimpse into my life. Stories are a great way to get your point across, they can highlight parts of your personality and show people why you are the way you are.

He also had a little trouble deciding what was important enough to put into his autobiography. He spent a lot of time talking about his research  and books on trivial subjects that most likely wouldn’t matter to the reader, when he had written the most important book of the 19th century! I would do my best to put myself into the target audience’s shoes and write what would be interesting to them.

Also Darwin didn’t go into any detail on how his theories changed his life, and they most certainly did. He didn’t explain or defend his position on his ideas which is strange because they caused so much controversy, and still do today. If I had been a part of a great cultural controversy and was writing an autobiography, I would be sure to explain what I believed clearly and argue for my position.

So that is what I would do differently form Darwin if I was writing an autobiography.




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