Would It Be Moral To Give all Students in a class a C, If Not, Is It For the Government To “Redistrubute” Wealth?

Business Essay #15

It would be absolutely immoral to give all students a C regardless of their test score. While it is obvious that doing such a thing is immoral there are more problems with it then just that. The main problem is that if you get a C no matter how good or bad you actually do, it would take away incentive to do good. After all, if you know you will never get more than a C, no matter how much you strive, why should you put in the extra work. No one will be constantly above average if they are never recognized in some way. This creates a how bunch of problems, if students aren’t motivated by grades to work at school, they won’t put in enough work to learn anything. It also would creat a generation of people who have all slacked of in school, and would probably slack of in the real world.

In the same way it is immoral for the government to redistribute wealth. Now I am not saying that there should be no government help for poor and homeless people, though I think that the government does provide to many handouts to the “disadvantaged”.  I think that it isn’t right that the tax rates are so much higher for the rich than for the average person, the people in the top 1% of all incom earners pay 37% of all income taxes and only earn 17% of all income!

I also don’t think that government bailouts are fair. Besides the fact that it is giving hard earned tax money to a company that is probably losing money for a reason, it really messes with the Free Capitalist system. In Capitalism, the costumers decide which companies live and die, by buying from the companies that most please them. When governments give bailouts it messes with that system, that is why Capitalism only works with small government.

Trying to distribute rewards, whether grades or money equally is not only immoral it has disasterous consequences.


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