If You Write an Autobiogrpay Should You Include Reconstructed Dialogue?

English Essay #17

The question of wether or not to include reconstructed dialogue in your autobiography is a very important one. It can be hard to decide, because the choice whether or not to reconstruct a conversation depends on so many different things.

It is important to consider how you are organizing you book. Are you making each chapter a separate story that supports the main theme? Are you going to go chronologically through your life and tell your life story? There are countless ways to organize and write an autobiography and the method that you choose has a big effect on wether you will include reconstructed conversations. If each of you chapters is a separate story, for example, you can go into much more detail and it is much easier to include dialogue, then if you are looking more at the big picture all the time.

Also you should think about your target audience. Will they enjoy dialogue, or would they rather you “tell” you the story?

You need to take into account you writing style as well. Are you trying to sound like you are telling a story, or are you trying to make it sound like a novel? It is much more natural to include dialogue in some writing styles more than others.

Make sure that the conversation you include is important. This is probably the most important thing to consider, how big a deal is this conversation anyway? This is especially true for autobiographies. In most cases you don’t need dialogue, and there are many places were you only need a few sentences on what the conversation was about and what it accomplished.

You need to be carful with dialogue in an autobiography, since in most cases you don’t need it and it is usually hard to remember what was said in a conversation years ago.


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