What Lifestyle Do I Want In 20 Years?

Business Essay #15

That is a hard question for anyone to answer. It is hard to see myself so far into the future, but it is good to think about things like this.

I would prefer to not live in a city, though it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I did. I would like to live on a piece of land, about five acres, that I own. I would like to have a lot more money than it looks like I have. So I want to be well off, but have a low cost of living. The size of my house would depend on my family, but I would like to keep it small.

I think a business would be a good idea for the lifestyle I want, because it would give me freedom to choose my hours, and I  could be flexible, building my work around my life, instead of my life around my work. While a business and flexible hours would be nice, I might have a completely different type of job. It is really hard to say what I will want when I get there, and what will work best for my situation.

I really want to keep fitness a part of my life as I grow older. I want a way to lift weights regularly, whether in my house or at a gym.

So that is the basic idea for how I want my house, body, and job to look. These are all very important to your overall lifestyle.


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