What Would Be The Ideal Apprenticeship?

Business Essay #14

An apprenticeship is working for someone for the purpose of learning a trade, or gaining business skills. Becoming an apprentice is a very good way  to gain experience in business, but what is the ideal apprenticeship?

You should be apprenticed to a locally owned business. It should be providing a good income to it’s owner. The business should be small enough that you are able to observe how it works and learn how the owner runs it.

The type of business you are apprenticed to depends on what you want to learn. If you just want general business experience you probably shouldn’t work in the kitchen of a restaurant, but if you want to own a restaurant then that might be a good idea. If experience is all that you want then you should work at a place where there doesn’t need to be a lot of employees to run it and you can take on more responsibility. Places like a small coffee shop or book store are good examples. Really any business will work if the owner is willing to take you under his wing and teach you.

Another great type of business , that is good to be apprenticed to, is a business that specializes in management. Businesses that are like this include catering companies, and wedding planners.

At the end of the day any apprenticeship that will teach you what you want to learn is the ideal apprenticeship. So before you go looking for apprenticeship opportunities, make sure that you know what you need to learn.


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