Which Chapter In How To Win Friends And Influence People Should I Practice?

Business Essay #13

Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends And Influence People is packed with advice on how to deal with people. It is a great book for business, leadership, and relationships. Each of it’s thirty chapters has a useful tip or technique for you to practice. All of those chapters are useful and have good advice, but which chapter should I focus on right now?

There are certainly many tips that I could use some improvement on, some of them include; admitting when I am wrong quickly, remembering other peoples names, and never saying “you are wrong”. These are all things that I definitely  need to improve but what I need to work on the most in the first chapter of part three. The tips says “The only way to win an argument is to avoid it.” Even if you win an argument, you will not likely convince the other person that you are right, because arguing puts people on the defensive and closes their minds to the possibility that they are wrong. This is a tough one for me because It is so natural for me to argue. It is very easy to get caught up in an argument, even if it isn’t my argument!

In order to work on arguing I will use the old trick, whenever I feel like getting into an argument, I will count to ten. After that I will think about what I would gain from an argument. There are very few situations were arguments actually benefit anyone, so if I am able to stop and think, then I will dramatically improve in this area.

Avoiding arguments also ties into another part of the book that I have trouble with. I am quick to criticize and critique others. So next time I feel like correcting someone I will do my best to stop and think about whether or not I really need to. And if I do I will try to do it in a less direct way.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great book with a ton of good advice.




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