What is The Hardest Part of Dale Carnegie’s Book?

Business Essay #12

Dale Carnegie wrote the famous book How To Win Friends And Influence People, it is a great book on salesmanship, leadership and handling people. This book is divided into four parts that deal with different aspects of interacting with people. Each part is divided into chapters which each have one core “tip” on how to win friends and influence people. Some tips are easy and some are hard, quite a few are very simple but are very hard to actually implement. When you read this book you are likely to come across something that is easy for you. For instance, some people are great at smiling and that happens to be one of the tips, but you will also come across something that is hard for you.

The thing that is hardest for me is in part three, which is on “how to win people to your way of thinking”. This part of the book has several tips that are hard for me but one of the hardest is “try to see things for the other person’s point of view”. This is hard for me for many reasons, but one of them is that it is just hard for me to remember to take the time to implement this technique. I am usually too busy telling the person how wrong they are (which by the way contradicts another tip) to slow down and think about anything. Also the last thing I want to do is see why I could be wrong.

Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses, so what is hard for me may be easy for you, but if we work we can get better. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a book on leadership or salesmanship.




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