Is My View of The Future the Same as Washington’s?

English Essay #12

Booker T. Washington was a very important black leader after the end of slavery. He believed in hard work and had a pretty optimistic attitude toward the future. He was convinced that hard work and competence could overcome anything. Washington’s plan for achieving social acceptance for blacks was simple. Educate them and teach them to work. Over time Washington believed that as more blacks worked hard and became valuable to their communities, blacks as a whole would begin to gain more respect, until they were considered equals by everyone else.

Washington did not believe that his view of the future and how to get there was going to happen overnight. He estimated that it would take fifty years for the black man to be socially accepted by the white man. Hard work was the foundation on which Washington believed any man can make his future. Working hard to produce a service or help your team eventually makes you very valuable to the people around you. Your value is shown to you through respect, and Washington believed that respect would make blacks social equals to whites.

What Washington believed is clearly illustrated by his own life. He is a great example of gaining respect and social acceptance through hard work. Everywhere he went people noticed him for his work ethic. After he started the Tuskegee Institute, he became very famous and a was the most respected black man alive. Every one he came into contacted with treated him as a social equal no matter who it was. This is what Washington wanted for his entire race. He was famous for how much he worked, in fact he only took one vacation in his life. That was a trip to Europe that the of donors Tuskegee Institute planned for him and his wife.

His School also reflected his views. It was not simply for book learning. The students were required to work. The Institute farmed, made bricks, and built buildings. This both taught the students how to work hard and taught them a trade they could use in the real world. It also helped bring in money to keep the school going.

I think that my view of the future is basically the same a Booker T. Washington’s. I believe that you can achieve your goals and earn others respect by working hard and becoming valuable to the people around you.  Hard work and is something that can help you achieve any goal no matter what it is. So if you work hard it is easy to have Booker T. Washington’s optimistic view of what the future holds.



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