When Will I Sell My Business?

Business Essay #9

If I started a business and it was successful I would prefer not to sell it. I would rather become successful enough at that business that I could hire a manager so that I would not have to work on it all the time. I would still be involved with the business, but this would give me extra time to do other things such as start another business.

If I was to sell a business I would want it to be successful and I would want to make a profit. I would make sure that there is no debt on any business I sell. If I start a successful business I would not sell it until it had done at least a million dollars in sales since it was started. I would also like it to be doing 500,000 dollars in sales a year.

I would only sell a successful business if I was given an offer that I believed was ridiculously high, or I wanted to do something else. After selling my business I could start a new business, move, or get a job in a field that interests me.




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