Things I Can Cut From My Schedule

Business essay #8

Living The 20/80 Way is a book by Richard Koch on the 20/80 principle. It is all about the fact that some things that you do are much more productive than other things and by cutting out the non-important stuff from your schedule you can get more done. Doing only the stuff that is truly important allows you to focus and work as efficiently as possible. As a student I can not cut school subjects out of my schedule (even if I’d like to), what I need to cut out is procrastination.

In between subjects in school it is easy to get distracted by things around you. The ability to focus is what separates a good student from a great student. So here are some things I need make sure to keep to a minimum in order to get my school done efficiently.

Often if I am not in a very motivated mood I try to find something else to do besides school. One thing I do is playing with the cat. It is the definition of unproductive to do this. It is not helping me get anything done and it’s not even fun, I just do it because I don’t want to do school. I need to make sure I am not using the cat as an excuse to not do school.

Another thing I do is get caught up in my email. I go to check my email and after I am done I look at the clock and fifteen minutes has gone by! It should not take that long, but I does sometimes for one reason or another. Sometimes in my email I get something that needs to be taken care of or read and I just read it, what I should do is figure out how urgent it is. Most things can wait till I am done with school. If it isn’t to important I need to let it wait.

Similarly to my email, sometimes I just find myself spending time on YouTube. Maybe I get a notification of a video by someone I am subscribed to in my email. I watch it then I see a really cool looking video in the sidebar. I watch that and before I know it I have spent way to much time one YouTube.

Those are just a few examples. The main point is that procrastination is what we all need to cut out of our schedule’s.


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