How Have Books Changed My Life

English essay #9

Have books had any major influence on my life? The answer is yes. I love to read, but it is hard to say which books have been important and why. Every book you read effects you in some way, by giving you ideas or informing you about a certain topic. Even fiction shapes you, it helps strengthen your imagination and gives you an appreciation for creativity. I think that books have effected everyone’s life, in different ways and some more than others.

I have read many true stories of people who have overcome obstacles or done something great. These books have defenently had an effect on my life. They are great stories I love to read and they show the great qualities that help people succeed. Endurance by Alfred Lansing is a book that I have read several times. It is about Ernest Shackleton and the


Ernest Shackleton

Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition. The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition was an attempt by Shackleton and his 22 man crew to journey across Antarctica. But before they reached Antarctica their boat was destroyed by the ice. Shackleton and his men floated on ice near Antarctica for 497 days before making it to an island and being rescued. In  this book I have learned about leadership, teamwork and the will to survive.


One author that has influenced me is Glenn Beck. His books have helped me understand a little bit about the government and how it needs to be fixed. They also taught me a little bit of history.

Fiction has really fed my love of books. I love the creativity and stories in fiction. One fiction book that is a little different than what I usually read is A Father’s Promise by Donna Lynn Hess. It is a historical fiction book about a Polish boy in WWII. I read it a long time ago and loved it. It is a story of growing up and survival and is still one of my favorite books.

Books have dependently had an impact on my life and I think that they have had  some impact on everyone’s life.


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