Key Points in Helen Keller’s Life

English essay #8

I have been reading the autobiography of Helen Keller for english this week. Helen got sick when she was a baby and that sickness left her blind and deaf. She was completely unable to communicate until she got a special teacher named Anne Sullivan. Sullivan helped her out to the dark “prison” of darkness by teaching her how to communicate. In this essay I will tell you what key incidents led Helen out of her prison.

The first important incident was when Anne Sullivan arrived to teach her. Anne was trying to teach her by placing an object in one of Hellen’s hands and spelling out the word for it in the other. Hellen thought it was a game but didn’t really understand it. Until  one day Anne had a breakthrough. She ran water over Hellen’s hand and spelled the word for water in her other hand. That was when it clicked for Hellen and her life was forever changed. After that, she was able to learn the words for everything around her.

The next big turning point in her learning, was understanding abstract concepts. She asked her teacher what love was. Anne couldn’t explain it so she just told Hellen to think. As she was thinking, Hellen realized that the process of trying to figure out something was called thinking. That was the first abstract idea that she learned and she soon understood love as well.

Learning to read was another important part of her lessons. She had to learn to read with special books that had raised letters in them.

When she went to Boston she visited the Perkins School for the blind, and met children who had some of the same problems as she did. She made friends and enjoyed being around other blind children.

The last thing that really changed her life, as far as communication goes, was learning to talk. She had always wanted to learn to talk ever since she figured out that everybody else could. It was a big challenge because she had never learned to talk. She couldn’t see the lips of people around her, which made it harder to imitate them. But she and her teacher found a way. She learned by placing her hand on her teahcer’s face so that she touched her throat, her lips, and her nose. She could feel the different sounds come from different places on her teacher’s face. Hellen started just learning one sound at a time. Her first sentence was “It is warm.” It took a long time till she could communicate by talking, but eventually she was able to. Her speech wasn’t perfect, it was a little hard to understand, but the people who were around her the most learned to understand it perfectly.

Hellen Keller had a huge obstacle to overcome. She needed to learn how to communicate without being able to see or hear, but with the help of a great teacher she overcame that obstacle.



One thought on “Key Points in Helen Keller’s Life

  1. The story of Helen Keller is fascinating and inspirational. I enjoyed reading your essay. You made excellent points regarding the turning points of Helen’s life and you supported them with interesting details.

    I recently read some good “Don’t Do’s” regarding introductory paragraphs that I think are beneficial. (Point 13)

    Don’t write like you are talking to the reader. Try to use third person perspective (not I, not you).
    Don’t refer directly to your essay with statements like “In this essay, I will write about….”

    Challenge yourself in your next essay with these guidelines and see if it helps improve your introductory paragraph.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more of your essays.

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