How Can You Gain Business Skills as a High-School Student?

Business essay #5

There are two good ways I can get practical skills in business as a high-school student. I can start a small business yourself or I can get a job. But not just any job, it has to be a job at profitable local business. The owner or manager has to be willing to mentor me, to teach me the skills needed to do my job and the skills needed to run a business, in other words I can to become an apprentice to a business man.

These are both great ways to gain experience in business but there are pros and cons to both. If you started your own business you would have a sense of accomplishment at creating something of your own and it would be an adventure. But starting your own business has risk, there is always the risk of failure. Failure hurts, it’s not fun, but you can learn from failure just like you can learn from success. Also the risk involved in starting a small business is minimal as a teen. It doesn’t have to be big, starting a small service based business doesn’t require a whole lot of capital.

Becoming an apprentice has a few obvious upsides. First you will get paid, there is no risk of losing money. The other main one is that your mentor will have experience and know what he is doing. He will be able to teach you faster then you can learn on your own. You will also probably develop a friendship with your mentor (I sure hope you at least get along). The main downside to becoming an apprentice is finding a mentor. Getting a job may not be hard but getting the right job is. Also you will have to go to work. With a business you may be able to stay home (depending on what it is). This could be important depending on your schedule and whether you have your driver’s license or not.

In my opinion working for a mentor is a better option overall then starting your own business if your only goal is to gain business skills. But if you want the experience of starting your own business and you want to try it to see if you would like to run a business for a living, starting your own business is the better choice.

For me I will most likely start my own business. I live in a small town where it may be hard to find the right job. I also want to start my own business because I think it will be fun, I want to try it to see if it is something I want to do for the rest of my life. That is why I am taking this business course, business sounds interesting and I want to learn more about it.


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