The Cost of TV

Business essay #4

In this essay I  will tell you how much money I could make by age seventy if I used the time I spend on TV working on a business. For this I used a compound interest calculator, the one I used was on here is the link

For the past week I have monitored how much time I spend watching TV shows and playing video games. I spent seven hours over all, watching the Shark Tank and the Broncos game on youtube and playing games on my xbox 360.

So to figure out how much money in terms of time TV costs I will twenty dollars an hour on my time and since I spend seven hours a week that will be one hundred forty dollars a week. So in the  principal to contribute monthly box I will put five hundred sixty dollars. I will put ten percent in the annual interest rate box and I will put in ten years for the length of time I spend saving.

That comes out to about sixty-seven thousand, five hundred dollars so now I will put that number in for the starting capital. I will change from twenty dollars per hour to fifty and change ten years to forty-four and then calculate. That comes to eight hundred thousand dollars that I could make by the time I am seventy if I stop watching TV all together.

The average teen spends twenty-two hours a week watching TV. If I had used those numbers then my final number for the money that TV “costs” me would be over thirty-eight million dollars!  This makes me think that people should seriously consider how much TV they should be watching and how much TV they watch. And it is even worse if you are watching TV live because a third of the time is ads! Not to mention most TV shows aren’t the best quality. It is much better to find a show that is good quality and that you enjoy and watch it on disc or youtube were there aren’t ads that take up a third of your time.

But I don’t think this means that you should stop watching TV or movies all together because there are times for it. You can’t always work and if you are done with work and just want to relax TV is a good way to do it. But also there are alternatives to TV when it comes to entertainment. One of my favorite alternatives is reading. Reading a good book is a great way to relax and it isn’t totally passive unlike TV. Another thing is music and the great thing about music is that you don’t have to give it your undivided attention to it to be entertained. Also there are board games. They are great because you interact a lot more with the people you play board games with than if you were watching TV.

We should be aware that TV has a cost and also we should remember that there are many great ways to have fun with out it.



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