How Kourdakov Got Involved with the KGB

English essay # 5

For my English I have been reading The Persecuter, the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov who grew up in the Soviet Union and latter escaped to North America to get away form Communism. I am to the point were he is a naval cadet and part of the communist youth league. He is also part of the KGB, he participated in raids for the money. This essay will look back on the choices that led him into the KGB.

I will start with the most recent choices. The first one is the actual decision to accept the offer by to KGB to be a part of a new team. At first he didn’t want to because he was busy with his studies and he was an important cadet leader but after he found out he would be paid 25 rubles per operation he accepted. His pay as a naval cadet was only 7 rubles per month.

He had made a very important decision a few years earlier when he was still in high school. He was starting to get involved in gangs that sold drugs and was getting a lot of money, but then he was stabbed and it made him think about his future. He decided that instead of crime he would devote all of his energy into the communist youth league and become a leader in the communist party some day. So he did and he became a very important leader and had a perfect record with the league. This record got him noticed when he was in the naval academy. He was soon in charge of all the cadets at the academy and was responsible for their communist studies. It was because of his leadership ability that the KGB offered him the position as leader of the new team.

Another decision that was crucial in getting Sergei to this point in his life was the decision to join the navy and not the army. He chose the navy because he saw more potential for him to become a recognized leader as a naval officer that a solder. If he had joined the army he would have never been contacted by the KGB.

He and his team of fellow naval cadets started there work by breaking up gang fights arresting drunks, murderers and other violent criminals. They were encouraged to beat up the people they arrested, they were praised for “changing the faces” and there victims. After a few weeks of this they got their first real assignment, they were to break up a christian meeting and arrest the leaders. Sergei and his team did arrest the leaders but they didn’t beat anyone up. When they were asked why they said that they didn’t fight back so they saw no need for violence. Their commanding officer was very angry at them they were soft. He told them that christians were the most dangerous enemies to the Soviet Union. They were put back to work beating up gangs and told that they needed to practice being more violent.



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