Turning Points

English Essay #4

This post is about two things that have happened to me that have had an impact on what I am thinking of doing with my life. The first happened last year and that was joining the Civil Air Patrol. The other has happened to me this year and that is taking the Business 1 course of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

When I was younger I never knew what to say when an adult asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up because I wanted to be so many things. The answer changed almost every time. I’ve wanted to be a major league baseball player (any position), an astronaut, a fireman, a cowboy, and just about every thing a young boy has ever wanted to be.

When my uncle joined the marines almost four years ago I thought a little about going into the military. I never thought about it seriously until I joined the Civil Air Patrol.  The CAP is a program that teaches about flying (it even lets the cadets fly small airplanes), and about leadership. It is an auxiliary of the Air Force and through it you learn drill, military img_0394customs and courtesies and can do a lot of fun activities. Being in the Civil Air Patrol has made me think more about going into the military and it is now part of my plan for the future to at least enlist for  a while. I haven’t yet decided which branch I want to go into but I am thinking the army or marines. I am going to continue to research all my options.

img_0393But the military will not last forever. I will be getting out eventually and I’m not sure what I will do then. There are so many things that I could end up doing. I have thought about becoming a police officer, or becoming a corrections officer (which is what my Dad does) but I of course don’t know what I will do.

Another good idea is to start a business. I hadn’t  really thought about it until this year. This year I am taking the Business 1 class of the Ron Paul Curriculum and it has really made me think about the possibility of starting a business after the military. There are all kinds of reasons to start a business as opposed to being an employee but there is also a risk of failure. I don’t know if I will start a business but it is definitely something to consider. I might know if I want to by the end of the school year.

Because of these two things, the Civil Air Patrol and the RP Business 1 course I have a possible plan for my life, at least the professional side. Of course plans change and I could end up not joining the military or starting a business but as Dr. Gary North (the teacher of the RP Business 1 class) says , “a bad plan is better than no plan, because you can revise a bad plan.”


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