What is Success?

What is the definition of success? I heard in a lecture that success is replenished outflow. This means that the goal of success is outflow, which is results. So the goal of success is outflow, but what does it mean to have replenished outflow? Replenished outflow simply means that when you output something then something is input into you. A good example of this happens when you are trying to become a leader. Your job is to help the people you are leading achieve a goal, as you rise to greater positions of leadership you gain experience, skills, and expertise. These things enable you to keep moving forward, they replenish your outflow allowing you to do your job. If you had the goal to build a house then your outflow would be the work you put into it. But you can’t build a house without rest. If you tried to build a whole house without resting then you would soon not be able to work any more, your outflow would dry up. But if you are replenishing your outflow with rest and recuperation then you can build a whole house.                      imagesczlejk6g

I believe that this is a good definition of success, but in order to actually be successful you need to channel your outflow into specific goals for different areas in your life. This definition is a good but very vague definition. Everyone needs replenished outflow to be successful but everyone needs their own individual definition of what success means for them.


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