How I Can Use the Civil Air Patrol To Practice My Leadership Skills.

I am in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program which is a program that teaches cadets leadership, military customs and courtesies, and aerospace education. It is a great program and through it I have done many fun activities including flying a plane and a glider.


The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a great place to practice leadership. They have classes and textbooks and real chances to gain leadership experience. As you move up in rank you get more responsibility and more leadership. I am a cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt) and I teach basic drill often. I also sometimes lead drill and inspect the other cadet’s uniforms.

One thing I have been learning and will continue to learn as I rank up is the concept of servant leadership. A good leader is a servant, he serves the people above him in the chain of command and the people below him. It is the leader’s job to help those below him succeed, that is the only way that he will succeed. A leader does not exist just to give orders and use his rank to get things done, rather he is a part of a team and it is his job to help the team be the most efficient it can be.

You also as a leader must be able to share success with the rest of the team because you are just as dependent on them as they are on you. A leader is much like a quarterback in a football team. A football team is no good without a quarterback that can do his job effectively. But no matter how skilled the quarterback, if he doesn’t have good linemen to protect him and good receivers to pass the ball to he is of no use. A quarterback, just like any leader, is dependent on the rest of the team.

These are only two of many leadership principles but if I keep them in mind as I gain in rank and keep practicing them, than I will gain in leadership ability and become a better leader for it.


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