How Owning a Business Can Guarantee Me A Job in 2030

 Business essay #2

The world is changing rapidly, especially in terms of the technology we have available to us. Robots are starting to become more useful, and they improve all  the time. The uses of computers and robots are becoming much more varied. There are robotic arms that


This is a robot used by doctors for surgery.

surgeons use to assist them with certain delicate surgeries and several different types of robots that move stuff throughout buildings. A couple of uses for these bots are moving supplies in warehouses without the need for a human to direct them and carrying meals and supplies around in hospitals. Many robots (and computers) are now doing jobs that people used to do. For instance there aren’t as many ticketing agents in airports anymore because kiosks can do that work without a salary.

Computers are getting more powerful and they are going to start to take over more and more jobs that only humans used to do. The types of jobs that are most likely to  disappear are those that are easiest to automate. The jobs that are easiest to automate are the ones that are fairly straight forward, don’t require much training, and are repetitive. Some examples of jobs that could disappear because of automation very soon are cashiers, cooks, and truck and bus drivers.

Some people worry that robots will begin to cause mass unemployment as they get better because they get their work done cheaper than a human can. Other people believe that the robots will be good and that they will free people up for new jobs. They think that with robots working for us things will get cheaper and it will be good for the economy.

Regardless of their view of whether it is bad or good everyone agrees that the robot revolution is coming and we can’t stop it. This revolution will probably have an effect on


The robot revolution is coming.

the job market, even if it’s temporary. But if you own your own business, then you don’t need anyone to hire you and you can’t get fired because a robot does it’s job faster or cheaper than you. If you own your own business in 2030 than you have a guarantee of employment, even if robots have taken most of the jobs.



2 thoughts on “How Owning a Business Can Guarantee Me A Job in 2030

  1. Nice essay! The one thing that I think could make your essay a little better is including the immigrants that are coming in from foreign places and competing for jobs as well. It is not really necessary, but I think it would make a nice addition to your essay.

    Double thumbs up to this essay!


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