Three Stories I Would Include In My Autobiography

Autobiography essay #1

What stories would you put in your autobiography? These are three stories that I would include in my autobiography if I ever wrote one.

The first story I would write about is the move from Texas to Alaska. I was born in Colorado but moved to Amarillo Texas in 2010 (I was 10 years old). We stayed in Texas for a year and decided to move to Alaska. We sold all of the stuff that wouldn’t fit in our 14 foot trailer and drove up to Alaska, camping and staying in hotels along the way. We were able to go to Yellowstone National Park and do other fun stuff on the drive up. My family and I ended up in a house 37 miles from Seward Alaska. After living there for a year we moved closer to Seward so my Dad didn’t have such a long commute to work. Moving was a major event in my life, it took the entire family to a whole new place where we met people and had experiences that we never would have had otherwise. It was important in my life and I think that it would be an interesting story for my autobiography.

The second story would be the story of my first job. I got my first job,as a dog handler for the Seavey’s Ididaride Sled Dog Tours the year I turned 14. I had asked my soon to be boss Daniel Seavey if I could have a job and he said that I would have to wait till I turned 14 in June. I went to work as soon as I had my birthday. I worked there for two years (two summers). My primary jobs were keeping the dog lot clean of poop, making sure that the


Sled Dogs

100 dogs all had water, brushing the dogs that needed it, and hooking and unhooking the dog teams from the sleds. The sleds were metal carts with seats in them. It was hard work but I enjoyed it most of the time. I met and worked with quite a few people. It was rainy often but it was the hardest when it was hot and sunny (over 75 degrees). Then the dogs needed much more water and rest otherwise they could get overheated. Some dogs were more prone to getting overheated than others.


The third story I would write about would be my experience with Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and especially my first encampment. The CAP cadet program is for kids 12-18 who are interested in flying or the military. It trains cadets in leadership, drill, and aerospace education. You get chances to do all sorts of things through CAP including flying small airplanes. It is a great program and I highly recommend trying it out especially if you are interested in the military or like to fly. I joined the CAP because of my friend Andrew Milligan who was in it before I was. I was able to go to encampment my first year. Encampment is a requirement for many of the other activities of the CAP program and is an important milestone in anyone’s cadet life. It is similar to a military boot camp but


CAP Cadets at Encampment

only lasts one week. In that one week you learn drill, how to work as a team with your flight, how to report to an officer, how to get through inspections, and you have a list of memorization material just to name a few things. It was a challenge but I enjoyed most of it and I learned a lot. CAP got me thinking about joining the military and that is something that I am seriously considering.



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